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An Anthropological Study of Femininity and Power. Summer following Junior Year Students often begin collecting their thesis data and reading literature related to their topics. In most cases, students will submit the first part of their application during the Spring semester of their third year.

Students should also solicit a letter from one Anthropology Department faculty member supporting their application. Prepare the thesis as a research paper written in American Anthropologist style.

The quality of the honors thesis work will be the primary determinant for designating high or highest honors at graduation. Outline the theoretical stance and methods that will guide the proposed research. This ANTH class is only offered in the Spring Quarter so it is vital that you arrange your schedule to include it.

Submission of final thesis—in physical form and as a pdf—to the thesis advisor, second reader, and Director of Undergraduate Studies no later than April 15 for May graduates and November 15 for December graduates. A thesis is required in order to be considered for department honors at commencement.

Honors Program

The program builds a community of undergraduate scholars within the Department of Anthropology, providing them with opportunities to work closely with UW professors in independent study and research, and provides excellent preparation for graduate school.

This class is run concurrently with ANTH Students interested in doing an honors thesis should meet with a potential faculty advisor. Passing grades for a minimum of fifteen credits of UW Anthropology classes. At least two of the three members of the Honors Committee must be full-time members of the department.

ANTH C Spring quarter A weekly research seminar where students share, read, and discuss in-depth research findings resulting from ANTH A and B along with selected background literature used in each individual thesis.

You must discuss with your adviser if this option suits your project and to determine which journal would suit your research. How do I register to do the research. Diane Guerra djguerra uw. Our general advice is that you talk to a few different faculty before you choose an adviser to get a sense of their enthusiasm for your interests and how useful their advice will be to you.

Early March Schedule a date before mid-April for your oral defense with your committee. How do I select an adviser. Prepare a thesis proposal of pages, describing the major research questions and methods to be used. The student-adviser relationship is not without personal dimensions and a good working relationship with your adviser can avoid a lot of difficulties and uncertainty.

Evaluate the existing information pertaining to your area of interest. Students should complete an application provided by the department, including a personal statement addressed to the chair of the department explaining why they seek honors in the field.

At this point, a student may apply to the Honors Program and must secure a faculty member to serve as their Honors Thesis Advisor. Here is a list of the requirements for entry to the program.

Confirm with committee members how often they would like you to check in or share your work with them. The honors proposal will be due before the end of your junior year or sixth semester. Honors students design, conduct and report on an original research project under the guidance of a faculty adviser.

Eligibility requirements To qualify for participation in the Department of Anthropology's honors program, a student must: ANTH A Fall quarter Students will be admitted to the honors program by invitation of the department in the spring of their junior year.

In order to qualify for graduation with "honors," a student must meet the appropriate grade-point requirement for all UC courses completed. If you are pursuing an A. Both your primary thesis advisor and secondary reader for your honors thesis in Anthropology should be anthropologists.

Students who are collecting data from human subjects and who did not yet receive IRB approval should submit their proposal to IRB. Honors Thesis Program Honors Thesis Program The honors thesis is prepared during two successive quarters (Fall ANTH A and Winter ANTH B) of a major’s senior year, and can count as two of the five four-unit upper-division elective courses required for a major.

The Honors Program in Anthropology encourages students to engage in the subject more intensely and engage in significant original research while undergraduates.

Because Anthropology is a field and laboratory science, students should seek opportunities, in consultation with their faculty advisor(s), to conduct or participate in original research. Senior Honors Thesis. The honors program is a two-semester sequence (ANTH 99a, "Senior Research" in fall, followed by ANTH 99b, "Senior Thesis" in spring) during which select senior anthropology majors carry out independent research and writing of a senior thesis.

Deja, Chelsea. (). Biogeographic History of the Mulatta-Group Macaque as Inferred From Mitochondrial and Y-Chromosomal Molecular douglasishere.comr: Anthony Tosi. To graduate with Honors in Anthropology, a student must have grade point averages of at least a in all work and at least a in Anthropology.

The student must propose, carry out, write, and defend in oral examination a research project. Honors Thesis Schedule and Procedures (TargetDeadlines) By the Beginning of the Senior Year. The Anthropology Honors Program is intended to give highly motivated and dedicated students with 1) an opportunity to engage in original research and analysis; 2) close contact with an individual faculty mentor; and 3) opportunities to develop skills in the writing and oral presentation of.

Honors Program Honors thesis anthropology
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